Artist of the Spirit


 Co-Founded by Diana Adkins and HeatherAsh Amara, Artist is a unique Life Coach training for all of you -
mind, body, spirit & energy.

 This program trains you for life, and certifies you for coaching - with three (3) certifications in one program!

Become a  certified Life Coach, Energetic Coach and Spiritual Coach - and change your life in the process!

Artist's tools will set you
apart from all other life
coaches. Visit us! 

Lama Foundation


The purpose of the Lama Foundation is to be a sustainable spiritual community and educational center dedicated to the awakening of consciousness, spiritual practice with respect for all traditions, service and stewardship of the land.

Lama is a "community", a non-profit and a spiritual 'home' to many.  Founded in 1967, Lama is one of the oldest Intentional Communities in America! 

Don Migual Ruiz


Don Miguel Ruiz, author of 'The Four Agreements' 

has been teaching Toltec Wisdom since the 90's to wide acclaim.

He has published many books, and also  with his sons, Miguel Jr. and Jose Ruiz

For his website:

To see his many books: 

HeatherAsh Amara


HeatherAsh Amara studied with don Miguel Ruiz as an apprentice, and now teaches with Miguel and his sons as well as in her own program, Warrior Goddess.

She is a gifted teacher and author of many books and programs.

Check her out here: 

Gini Gentry



Gini is a Toltec teacher in don Miguel Ruiz's lineage and has been on this path for many years.

She has a retreat center outside of Santa Fe, NM, called Garden of the Goddess, and she is the author of 'Knocking on Heaven's Door'.  

Visit her at: 

Kathy Monaghan


Kathy teaches Akashic Recorid classes and has a retreat space in Killeen, TX.

To contact her for a class schedule, go to: