Coaching with Diana

It's a Simple Fact


We are complex human beings living in complicated times and every one of us can use support now and then!

We go to friends or family, and they are often helpful, but sometimes our issues and concerns are beyond their expertise.

Sometimes we need someone more objective on our side!


Say 'YES!' to You, to Your Life & to Your Dreams Come True Because You're Worth It!

Think About It:


Coaching is much cheaper than therapy.

You call in from the privacy & comfort of home ~ or anywhere you choose.

It addresses your passions & fears and helps you uncover the truth about them.

Supports ALL of you ~ creatively,  objectively, compassionately.

Coaching helps you find the clarity you  crave.

Coaching cheerleads you on to your  successes.

Coaching Does:


Focuses only on you ~ and listens.

Helps you find your inner strength.

Gives objective feedback.

Teaches you tools that work.

Helps you set and meet  realistic goals.

Helps you change your life, and...

Is your partner and ally with you through the changes!

Coaching is smart, easy and worth your peace of mind!

For Coaching or Referrals

To Connect

Diana is temporarily not accepting new clients - but to check her future availability simply email her at make_it_sacred @ and put the word "QUESTION" in the subject line for faster response!