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Her passions are adventure and understanding different 'Truths'; exploring this planet of ours - its people, their beliefs and their mysteries. This has taken her around the world: from barns to boardrooms, mountains to monasteries, acts as CEO to acts of energy, courage and awareness. 

Diana holds a commitment to deeply understanding the nature of reality and "life, the universe and everything else" - sharing and reflecting the discoveries in her life, teaching, writing and coaching.

She has spent most of her life studying traditions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Native American Church, Celctic/Peruvian/Native American traditions/Shamanism, Judaism, Hinduism, Sufism, Science, Energy, Community (at the Lama Foundation), Akashic Records and energy dowsing!

Diana found 'home' in the Toltec philosophy where she became a Teacher, Guide, Minister and Coach.  She is the co-founder and trainer of Artist of the Spirit Coach Training program, is a Warrior Goddess facilitator, is trained to work intuitively and energetically and is a Life/Law of Attraction/Spiritual Integrity Coach, Reiki Master and is also certified in the Law of Attraction, Rays, the Dervish Healing Order and reading Akashic Records.

Before teaching, coaching and Artist of the Spirit, Diana worked as CEO/CFO for non-profits in Idaho, Washington, California, New Mexico and Indonesia.  She has served as chair and on the boards of the Lama Foundation and Toci - Toltec Center of Creative Intent.

She is an accomplished Batik artist and also creates spiritual art & 'tools' that through use can become sacred. She teaches the art of batik, as well as fan making and working with nature and the elements to add magic to art.

Diana currently lives in Santa Fe, NM.

Theodore Roszak Said - and it's True:

 “Nothing we ever imagined is beyond our powers, only beyond our present self-knowledge.”  

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“Are you a seeker, or a finder? Seeking, the looking outside of ourselves for information, guidance and direction appears appropriate at the start of every journey, be it spiritual or otherwise.

There comes a time, however, when our work is to stop seeking and start finding. Any good guidance should lead one to finding answers within themselves.”   Diana Adkins