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Are you ready to be of service from your heart, listen with your full being, and hold space for other's to find their creative wisdom? Becoming a coach is more than learning the skills of listening and asking powerful questions.

A good coach training program also helps you to become a better person; it supports you to find hidden depths and truths within yourself, just as you will support your clients to find their depths and inner truths.

Becoming a certified Artist of the Spirit Coach is more than learning the skills of coaching. To be a true Artist of Spirit requires creativity and continual growth and learning. Artists blend all they are, all they know, and all of their intuition, heart and spirit into their work. It is the same with coaching. To be an outstanding coach, we must bring all of ourselves to what we do – our heart, mind, intuition, energy, spirit and experiences.
HeatherAsh Amara and I have combined our loves, talents and over 50 years combined experience into an amazing new coach training program!
This is the aim of Artist of the Spirit’s Coach Training Program:
To teach you to bring all of your gifts and strengths to your work. This three month intensive leads you to study yourself while you study the practices of coaching and energetic, shamanic tools.
You do not have to spend years training as an energy worker or shaman to learn the tools we teach you. Hundreds of students have successfully mastered these energetic and shamanic practices, and they have been proven safe and particularly effective in a coaching environment.

Through the use of these tools it is possible to expand awareness, and delve deeper into both our physical and emotional bodies so that energy bound in old agreements, experiences and beliefs can shift. This shifting of energy loosens and unweaves years of programming, creating movement that leads to release and resolution. And the good news is - the tools are easily learned.

There are plenty of life coaches in the field today, and Artist of the Spirit’s emphasis on an energetic and shamanic curriculum will set you apart and give you an edge over the others. Through learning how to incorporate all of you, all of the gifts you possess and will learn, you will bring the added dimension of energetic and shamanic tools that expand your practice beyond being "just another life coach."

Opening to possibilities, opening to your innate gifts and opening to being the artist of your life is not a far off dream, but a wonderful opportunity that’s available to you right now. You can learn tools to transform your life, taking those tools into your coaching practice to help transform the lives of others. What a wonderful career!
No matter what area of coaching you want to work in, whether you choose to coach parents, professionals, athletes, in health care, survivors of abuse, in spiritual areas or the general public – you will learn everything here on how to coach – along with impressive tools to make your coaching practice shine.
You know you're a fit for Artist if:
A combination of philosophies is what makes Artist of the Spirit so unique. Drawing on over fifty years of combined experience in different traditions and practices, HeatherAsh Amara and Diana Adkins have woven the best of these into a program designed to ‘round you out’ and make you versatile in your work – because one size doesn’t fit all.
Ready to become an Artist of Spirit, too?

Learning and growing as you learn to help and support others?
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