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Happiness is Impossible!
Got your attention? Good.

You’re reading this because some part of you agrees that happiness might be impossible. Something in you reacted. And why not? The whole world seems to support the theory. Everywhere we look, we see that happiness won’t be ours unless we have the right car, the right clothes, the right hair, the right body, the right IRA, the right partner/children/house/dish washer/sofa…..even the right toilet paper, for goodness sake!
It’s a load of dung, folks; a pile of poop and a caca concept.
But here’s the deal: we believe it. Strange, yes, that a culture of really smart people have bought into this so completely that it runs their lives? And even if you’ve tried to have the right everything – is it enough? Do you have all you want? Are you happy?

We hear all about the Law of Attraction, The Secret, positive thinking and how to change our lives to create what we want. They’re all good methods, too. So why don’t you HAVE all you want?

As long as a part of us believes that:
• Complete happiness isn’t possible, it works for some but not for me…
• I’m not worthy or good enough, life damaged me, I’m broken…
• I don’t really deserve it, I can’t change, I’m not perfect….
we won’t be able to create lasting change because ALL of our thoughts and feelings have an effect
on us. Beliefs like these directly impact our ability to change ~ because we believe them.

That’s the real deal. It’s that simple. You are what you think you are. And if any of this hit home, well, YOU’RE NORMAL!

You’re probably going, “What?” right about now, but, hey, you’re part of the ‘normal’ club. And, just because something is normal, does not in any way mean that it’s good, true or healthy for you. Though I may like them myself – sugar and fried foods are good cases in point – they taste so good, but they aren’t all that good for us.

So, you’re normal. You have fears, thoughts and ideas that are limiting you. You’ve bought into the ‘American Dream’ of the holy ‘more’ that says what you have isn’t good enough. Then your ‘strange but true brain’ translates that into you not being good enough. After all, if you were good enough, smart enough or creative enough – you’d have the ‘thing’. And then life, of course, would be perfect.

Yeah, right. Life will never be perfect until and unless we decide it is, unless we choose it to be. We have to stop this mental insanity, folks. To do that, we have to take a good, hard look at what we really believe. We have to then (with another honest look at it) decide if it’s even true.

Are you really not good enough if you don’t have a Twiggy or Tom Cruise body, if you drive a Chevy and not a Mercedes? I mean, come on! Are you measured by your body, or by your heart; by your car or by your good deeds? Is your caring deeply about something so much less important than the clothes you wear? Do you define yourself by outward appearances and not the good job that you do?

Seriously, most people have their values in strange places – valuing ‘things’ over heart, valuing appearances over love and valuing other’s opinions over their own. You will all keep me employed, but I’d rather go out of business because if I have, it means that people have finally woken up to the fact that they are miracles of life, and they know that happiness is absolutely possible right here, right now.
Diana Adkins is an Author (How to Potty Train Your Brain), Teacher, Coach and Minister in the Toltec traditions where awareness, transformation and intent are masteries to aspire to. Her mission is to support people towards self-awareness, self-respect, clarity and truth.

by Diana Adkins
Supporting self-awareness, self-respect, clarity and truth.
© 2013 by Diane D. Adkins, all rights reserved
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