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Supporting self-awareness, self-respect, clarity and truth.
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Toltec teacher, author, minister, Life/Energetic/Spiritual and Law of Attraction Coach brings decades of training in creating reality to this course. Teaching from lessons learned through studies, mistakes and successes, she crafts a clear path that is easy to follow so you can fix the mistakes like she did. Her mission is to support others towards self-awareness, self-respect, clarity and truth.
Diana Adkins
Participants also receive a .pdf of my book 'Driving Intent'
a true story of creating reality!
Classes are Mondays, starting April 10th at 7:00 p.m. central time
(for 1 1/2 - 2 hrs.), by interactive tele-class,
for six consecutive Mondays. All classes are recorded -
so you don't have to miss a one!

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“Really enjoying this stuff. I feel I am having very positive shifts in perspective and energy!”
       Lynne C., Nurse Extraordinaire, in the wilds of Washington
“I noticed self-defeating thoughts lighten and even fade away as I replaced them with more loving ones.”
                                      Michele B., Business Owner, Long Island, NY
“Getting what you want will not make you happy, but being happy will get you what you want. There are ways to do this, and Diana knows them all.”
                                                            Jim M., Writer, Topanga, CA
“During the course of Living Light, we experienced a true miracle. It was amazing, liberating and a little intimidating. I am excited to try living this way more fully. Thank you Diana for piecing together these seemingly disparate spiritual paths!”
                                                                                 Isis B. Ukiah, CA
“The best part [of the Living Light class] is that I gained insights into ways to use these tools that I hadn't known before. A different perspective has really opened things up for me! Thank you, Diana!”
                                                  Bamma K, Designer, Denton, TX
“Are you ready to take the lead in your own life? Are you willing to accept responsibility for all that you have created? Are you excited about fully embodying your role as co-creator of your experience? Diana's teachings are lucid and direct. She teaches you how to sort through the conditioned mind and provides you the tools for setting your intentions in a way that will see them manifest. The only limits to your life are those imposed by your imagination. Taking this journey with Diana has been transformative for me as I am sure it will be for you. If you are ready, I highly recommend going for the ride, the possibilities are limitless....”
                                                                            James Harding,WA
“I recently took Diana Adkins online course for ‘Living Light’. Diana really highlights and clarifies the importance of intent, thought and feelings management, and daily practice. These cornerstones really do affect your life, health, happiness, and reality. She provided weekly handouts that were a handy reference for the lessons of the week. There is so much information in this class! I have already decided to take the class a second time to reinforce all the information I learned. Highly recommend this class!”
                                                                               Janise S., Austin, TX
“I really benefited from the course, as I have been a student of both The Law of Attraction and a student of Toltec practices. They have many parallels, but Living Light was able to bring clarity to the areas that seemed conflicting and could keep a person "stuck".”
                                                      Adelee, Life Coach, Houston, TX
“I have known Diana Adkins for many years, and, in the course of these years, I had the opportunity to take advantage of her qualities. She helped me to see the reality that I was going through in a different light, a light more brilliant and bright….a light which all should see in daily life."
               Marisa I., Operational Director-Food Industry, Boston, MA
“Diana is a masterful teacher on many levels. Her years of experience doing her own inner work coupled with her intense desire to support others in their growth, make learning with her a life changing experience.”
                              Michele B., Business Owner, Long Island, NY
"The course was a mini-cookbook for why, when, and how to creatively manifest in your world with good definitions of energy and world cosmology. She is very hopeful and affirming that our lives can change around and we are the directors. "
                                                                       Tyann B., Austin, TX
Where Toltec Wisdom meets The Law of Attraction
Two remarkable teachings, six full classes, to finally discover your strengths as
an Artist of Life - and learn to live light!
Learn how to shift mental muddiness that drags you down and keeps you discouraged. Shift happens, and this class shows you how!
The Law of Attraction works, yet is held back by elements that Toltec Wisdom has identified about our mind and how it hinders us. Empower yourself to see where you’ve got it right, and where you stop abundance, health, relationships and your dreams.
Learn tricks from both traditions and explore what has been hidden in plain sight - to open the doors and windows to your future so you can start living life in style as a creator of the life you want and deserve!
You’ll learn about:
 self-fulfilling prophesies
unconscious intending
better ways to think
ways to fool your brain
the frequency of energy you carry….
and so much more.
“I'm so glad that I decided to take the Living Light class. It really opened up my eyes to more than I had expected when going into it. Never before had I examined the beliefs I held so closely or questioned them so strongly.” Kyla H., Austin, TX
The Law of Attraction is actually a very ancient concept that has been reinvigorated by Abraham-Hicks and others. Some of the first to understand that we are creating our reality and have more energy and creative power than we believe are familiar to you:
Ancient Toltecs were masters at studying awareness and perception. These are the basis upon which their philosophy was built. We can't change what we can't see - and the Toltec tools and insights brought forward in this tradition by masters like Castaneda and don Miguel Ruiz teach us how to see, how to increase our awareness, and how to work with our mind and our socialization.
Each class has a work book filled with lessons, ideas, practices and experiments for you to enjoy. It is said, "We can't keep doing the same things, over and over again, and expect different results". IT'S TRUE! And yet, that is what so many of us do. We need to take new actions, think new thoughts, release all that isn't serving us and start living from a place that empowers us.
“I assure you, even if you had faith as small as a mustard seed you could say to this mountain,
“Move from here to there”, and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.” Jesus (Matthew 17:20)
“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” Buddha
This class blends two very powerful traditions in a combination that is certain to give you the support to not only see how you limit yourself, but how to come out the other side as the creative force you really are.
Register Now! And learn to BE the person, with the life, you want and deserve!
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“Thank you so much for putting the two theories together for me. You really did a profound job!” Austin, TX
"I wholeheartedly recommend Diana's Living Light class to anyone interested in taking their life journey to the next level. Regardless of your level of experience, Diana's unique insights and practical advice will help you take your personal development to new heights as she blends the best of Toltec teachings and the Law of Attraction into a potent vehicle for change and growth." Larry S., Geophysicist, Richmond, Texas
“You’ll benefit so much from this course! After each class I felt incredibly inspired and my spirit was uplifted immediately. This is how fantastic I felt this class was. This isn’t a beginner’s class, even though there was a wide mix, from beginners to advanced. The whole course is so tangible and well structured, that I left each class knowing exactly what to do.”
                  Marilyn Brown, Independent Contractor, Wimberley, TX
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“Diana doesn't just talk about setting intentions, she teaches you how to actually go about intending what you want. It has been amazing to see that process in action and to see the way my life changes when I actively practice what she teaches. She really is an incredible teacher.” Austin, TX
Living Light
Artist of Spirit