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Do you have a run-away brain?
A mind that just won’t stop?
Simple, direct and humorous, this book will open your mind, explain your brain, show you how our brains become petty tyrants and give you the tools to free yourself from your brain’s tyranny - to create a life of real peace that is dynamic and wholly your own.
You may not believe this yet, but you are really quite amazing!
2000 years ago, ancient Toltecs understood how our self-limiting judgments and beliefs were created and what our brains did with that information. Modern Toltecs took these teachings and adapted the principals to our era, where they have surged to the forefront of self-awareness techniques because they work - ancient wisdom for modern times.
Here you will discover:

~ Toltec philosophy on personal, mental and emotional development.
~ Modern, scientific mind-brain research that is astonishing in its implications.
~ How our minds (and lives) turned out the way they have.
~ What the tyrant in our heads is and why it works overtime.
~ Powerful and proven tools to train your brain to behave.
~ A path to your own unique truth and expression.
"I had no idea when I wrote this book that it would be in any way controversial. It has words which some folks aren't altogether comfortable with, but I think that's why they're in there. We HAVE to look at what makes us uncomfortable if we're ever going to clean up the mess our minds have made."
Sometimes living inside our heads can feel like one insult after another.
How To Potty Train Your Brain
make_it_sacred_1-18-17003007.jpg make_it_sacred_1-18-17003006.jpg make_it_sacred_1-18-17003005.jpg
- The Truth
- Parental Controls – New and Improved!
- What’s Wrong with YOU?
- The Finger
- Big, Bad Pain!
- Going Out of Your Mind
- Energy – And Why the Law of Attraction Looks Like It Fails
- I’m Gonna Blow!
- Telling the Difference Between Poo and Truth
- Booty Boppers
- Brain on Crack and Stress
- Oh Shit!
Chapters Include:
- We've Got Issues
- Potty train…What? Some of the Facts Involved
Diana Adkins, Author, Teacher, Coach & Minister
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