“My praise for Diana comes from a deep sense of trust and respect for who she is. When in her presence, whether being coached or just Being, I always feel completely safe and certain that wherever the conversation takes us, I am free to open and explore. She has a most natural way of gently, respectfully and creatively lending guidance and valuable insights time and time again. I am honored to know her and highly recommend her to others."
                                      Denise K., Business Owner, Taos, NM
“Diana holds a line - a boundary to press against - a bridge to cross - a blueprint to investigate.”
                         Angele Mason - No Thing Navigator - Taos, N.M.
“I chose to work with Diana because I like her methods, her insight, and her interest in making things better for her clients – something we all could use more of in our lives. While I am a new client (student?), I have already felt benefits from the coaching relationship and look forward to our telephone calls.” 'Brave Bear', Lawyer, Austin, TX
"Diana is a sterling coach. She listens first, acknowledges second, and reflects third. As the client then responds, she listens, reflects, and offers her own response; as the client then responds, she listens....As a client, I have consistently felt heard, acknowledged, and thereby empowered, first to reflect on my stories, and then to evaluate my belief in them. I find that this process leads to creative openings in my habitual self-confinement. What a trip."
                                                         Brian, British Columbia, Canada
“Diana offered a hand up when I had fallen into an emotional abyss. Her clarity, intuitive nature, wisdom and highly honed skills and tools helped me regain my footing. I am grateful that she is a resource for gaining ground. If you are in need of a Life Coach, I will loan you mine!” Blessings - Karen Wallace, Artist and Spiritual Seeker, Pueblo, Co
“No matter where you are on your journey, you are at the right place! With her intuition, wisdom, and experience, you may find Diana may know you better than you know yourself. She’ll help you unweave the complexities in your life and give you the needed tools to help along the way. Through her insight and guidance you’ll discover the source of any issue or personal agreement by going beyond the surface to the heart and emerging with more clarity and resolve. Expect her to hold your feet to the fire, in a firm yet compassionate manner when needed, and celebrate with you as you continue to grow on this path. Diana comes with high recommendations from me!” Yvonne, St. Paul, MN
“I hired Diana Adkins as my personal life coach because I needed support in finding direction in my life. I met Diana through a Spiritweavers group that I was involved in that she led. My life exploded after several weeks of working with Diana. She guided me to set and follow through on some personal goals. My intention was to have a life with fire in it; I have succeeded. It feels good to check in with her and get in touch with "me" again. Thanks, Diana!” Sarah S., Homemaker, Georgetown, TX
"Diana...helped cut through my masks with radical honesty and loving acceptance. I felt completely supported throughout the process and could not have anticipated such a shift in my perspective. This gift of love and acceptance without judgment is the greatest gift I have received from going through this process; learning that more deeply for myself and learning to open to receive it from others."
                                                     Mariela V., Acupuncturist, Austin, TX
"Diana embodies leader, coach, mystic, and friend, and knows how to create a safe space for real inspection of yourself and profoundly changing your way of being in the world. If you're ready to stop whatever your own endless cycles are, I highly recommend SpiritWeavers and Diana Adkins!" Steve D, Austin TX
"Diana's class taught me the basics about energy work. I've been exploring energetic fields for several years now, but never had any official teachings. It was amazing to have someone dedicate their time to giving me specific exercises and instructions on how to do more effective, purposeful work." Rose A., Seeking a degree in Biology, Austin, TX
Working with Diana ~ Testimonials
"I have such deep gratitude for my clients and students! Thank you so very much for sharing your experiences with me. It has been an honor to serve you as we all grow toward greater awareness, clarity and self-respect!" Diana
Make It Sacred
“The layers are peeling. Ah I can breathe! Now I can step past blockages I had before and see a whole new set of circumstances. My journey continues but with more tools! Thank You Diana, for being a humble friend and teacher.”
                             Lindsay D., Massage Student, San Marcos, TX
Supporting self-awareness, self-respect, clarity and truth.
"Diana is an amazing teacher and has been so supportive of each of us in the process. I treasure the deep bond and the relationships that have formed with the group. My work has new energy, I feel revitalized on so many levels, and I have so much more clarity. This is a very direct path. If you are truly interested in healing and growth, this is the program for you.” Coral Nunnery, Teacher, Austin, TX
“Diana is an amazing, beautiful, gifted spirit and working with her in SpiritWeavers has been one of the best things I could have done for myself and my family. I have been on healing path for many years and found that I was getting stuck and always looking outside of myself to get unstuck. Diana compassionately guides you into the deepest parts of yourself to heal what needs to be healed and lets the shiny parts shine.
                                  Wendy D. Acupuncturist (L.Ac.), Austin, TX
 “I have been through many workshops and healing teachings. I am not just impressed with Diana, and the Toltec teachings, I am amazed, and forever changed by them. In all my studies, I had not yet found a simple, clear teaching that provided such rapid, solid, core transformation."
                                                                               Charley M., Austin, TX
“For over 25 years every traditional means of self-empowerment eluded me. Diana was an angel in disguise as she lovingly helped me identify how the Toltec teachings are a powerful tool of self-awareness, how to harness the beauty of my own natural being-ness, and help me understand how to weave a new transformed me. Spirit Weavers is nectar to your own self. I am grateful I chose to drink it.”
                                                                    Avalon, Round Rock, TX
“The [Living Light] course was a mini-cookbook for why, when, and how to creatively manifest in your world with good definitions of energy and world cosmology. She is very hopeful and affirming that our lives can change around and we are the directors.”
                                                                        Tyann B., Austin, TX
“I am no longer an island desirous of connection yet so fearful of the same. SpiritWeavers restored my trust in allowing myself to connect deeply to those around me......after I was able to connect more deeply with myself. I can never repay Diana and all of the beautiful participants I was blessed to have gone through this process with. . I am forever indebted...willingly. Namaste.”
                                       Renee O., Counselor & Artist, Wimberley, TX
"My coaching experience with Diana came as part of the Spiritual Integrity course. I am convinced I was very blessed by her coaching skills. She was always very supportive; a great listener, a patient friend, an inquisitive teacher, a patient observer, a loving, nurturing witness and a wise guide. Her questioning and guidance paved the way to my goals. I am grateful to her for the work I did and where I am now."
                                     Arianna F., Psychologist, Boston, MA
"One session with Diana is like a year's worth of traditional therapy. She gets to the root of the matter within seconds and provides practical, meaningful tools for achieving one's life mission."
                                      Daniel M., Writer/Teacher, Overland Park, KS
"Diana Adkins’ energy class has been a revelation to me. The expansion of awareness and experience has been exponential. It’s not a new world; it’s a new universe." Jim M., Author, Topanga, CA
“During the course of Living Light, we experienced a true miracle. I really went out on a limb financially, with the intent I would create a miracle to help our family....it was very scary... and it worked! We received exactly what we needed to create, and our financial risk paid off perfectly, but not the way I thought it would. It was amazing, liberating and a little intimidating. I am excited to try living this way more fully. Thank you Diana for piecing together these seemingly disparate spiritual paths!” Isis B. Ukiah, CA
“Getting what you want will not make you happy, but being happy will get you what you want. There are ways to do this, and Diana knows them all.” Jim M., Writer, Topanga, CA
“I have known Diana Adkins for many years, and, in the course of these years, I had the opportunity to take advantage of her qualities. She helped me to see the reality that I was going through in a different light, a light more brilliant and bright….a light which all should see in daily life.” Marisa I., Operational Director-Food Industry, Boston, MA
“Diana supported me with concrete and practical ways for me to live a fuller, more peaceful life through well planned webinars, homework and interaction with participants. I noticed self-defeating thoughts lighten and even fade away as I replaced them with more loving ones.”
                                          Michele B., Business Owner, Long Island, NY
“Awesome, thanks! You're a ROCK STAR!!!”
                                                    Adelee, Life Coach, Houston, TX
“Really enjoying this stuff. I feel I am having very positive shifts in perspective and energy!”
                    Lynne C., Nurse Extraordinaire, in the wilds of Washington
“Are you ready to take the lead in your own life? Are you willing to accept responsibility for all that you have created? Are you excited about fully embodying your role as co-creator of your experience? Diana's teachings are lucid and direct. She teaches you how to sort through the conditioned mind and provides you the tools for setting your intentions in a way that will see them manifest. The only limits to your life are those imposed by your imagination. Taking this journey with Diana has been transformative for me as I am sure it will be for you. If you are ready, I highly recommend going for the ride, the possibilities are limitless....” James Harding, WA
"Diana doesn't just talk about setting intentions, she teaches you how to actually go about intending what you want. It has been amazing to see that process in action and to see the way my life changes when I actively practice what she teaches. She really is an incredible teacher.” Kyla H., Austin, TX
“I have studied both Law of Attraction and Toltec practice on and off for a number of years and taking this class has been very beneficial to me. It's good to have the basic principals reinforced and this class does that very well. The best part is that I gained insights into ways to use these tools that I hadn't known before. A different perspective has really opened things up for me! Thank you, Diana!” Bamma K, Designer, Denton, TX
“You’ll benefit so much from this course! After each class I felt incredibly inspired and my spirit was uplifted immediately. This is how fantastic I felt this class was. This isn’t a beginner’s class, even though there was a wide mix, from beginners to advanced. The whole course is so tangible and well structured, that I left each class knowing exactly what to do.”
                                 Marilyn Brown, Independent Contractor, Wimberley, TX
"I wholeheartedly recommend Diana's Living Light class to anyone interested in taking their life journey to the next level. Regardless of your level of experience, Diana's unique insights and practical advice will help you take your personal development to new heights as she blends the best of Toltec teachings and the Law of Attraction into a potent vehicle for change and growth." Larry S., Geophysicist, Richmond, Texas
“After Diana's first webinar, I was so grateful I listened. The course led me through explanations of harmful behaviors and thoughts and she gave me tools to make some much needed changes in my life. I believe that is the core of her teachings.”
                                       Michele B., Business Owner, Long Island, NY
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