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Join me now to re-frame our thoughts, reclaim our birth-right, and finally understand that all of life is sacred - Especially Us!
If you are ready to retrain your brain and stop its nagging - then this book is for you!
All of life is Sacred, yet we seldom think of ourselves, our lives or the mountains that way, though each most certainly is. For some, it is nature; for others objects, buildings, vestments or customs that are sacred. There have been sacred duties and sacred trusts.

Self-awareness, self-respect, clarity and truth are OUR highest sacred trust!

Because - in all cultures, religions and times, things are made sacred by us, by the collective beliefs that we hold and it is time to realize that we, too, are sacred. It is time to re-frame our thoughts, reclaim our birth-right, and finally understand that all of life is sacred - especially us!

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It is the strength of our beliefs, the energy behind believing, that gives something energy and
'Makes it Sacred'.
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“Nothing we ever imagined is beyond our powers, only beyond our present self-knowledge.” 
                                                                      Theodore Roszak
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“Are you a seeker, or a finder? Seeking, the looking outside of ourselves for information, guidance and direction appears appropriate at the start of every journey, be it spiritual or otherwise.

There comes a time, however, when our work is to stop seeking and start finding. Any good guidance should lead one to finding answers within themselves.” Diana Adkins
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